The Hydrogen Challenge 2016

November 17, 2016

On the 3rd of November in the Fife Renewables Innovation Centre, Bright Green Hydrogen and Fife College hosted their annual Hydrogen Challenge, an event where Senior 3 pupils undertake an alternative energies adventure!

The participants from Levenmouth Academy, St Columba’s High School, Kirkcaldy High School, Lochgelly High School, Inverkeithing High School, Waid Academy and Auchmuty High School were working in teams to work through different scenarios.

The Airship challenge was the first task. Teams constructed a gondola which was carried by helium balloons, to transport a supplies to a village in a mountainous region which had recently suffered an earthquake.

airship-hydrogen-challenge-1 airship-hydrogen-challenge-2

The second task was the Fuel-Cell Boat challenge. Teams were required to build a light weight fuel cell powered boat that could carry a small relief aid package to a stricken village in a flood prone delta recently hit by a monsoon.


boat-hydrogen-challenge-2 boat-hydrogen-challenge-1


The designs were assessed by our panel of judges. Congratulations to the winners of the airship challenge, Levenmouth Academy Team 2 and a further congratulations to the winner of the boat challenge, Inverkeithing High School!

winners-hydrogen-challenge-1 winners-hydrogen-challenge-2


We were very impressed with the designs so well done to all teams that participated. We look forward to next year!

We help demonstrate the role the energy efficiency, renewables & hydrogen play in reducing the impact of climate change and securing the world's future energy supply.