BGH Education

As a renewable energy demonstration centre, we can facilitate renewable energy learning in the classroom from an industry perspective. The workshops that we offer are always hands-on, interactive and practical. By exploring different sources of renewable energy, we are helping young people to understand the current shifts towards sustainable energy sources and preparing them for a greener future. Our workshops typically last from 1.5-2 hours and we can cover all ages and stages of learner.

turbine bladesFuel Cell Boat ModelKnex Solar Vehicle

Our deliveries are relevant to all aspects of STEM by integrating elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths into every session. We can demonstrate to young people the opportunities in STEM careers and help them to develop key skills such as team work, communication and problem solving.

We have taken the time to ensure all of our workshops are  linked to the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) learning outcomes. This allows teachers to plan where our workshops best fit into their class’s current learning and target topics. We also offer flexibility in our workshop content, so if there is a topic you would like us to cover, we’re happy to tailor our delivery accordingly. Our most popular topics include wind, solar, hydrogen fuel cells, and our new renewable energy K’nex kits funded by the Naturesave Trust.

Our STEAM Progression Pathway 1920  is available to all Fife primary schools and offers an engaging, structured and repeat delivery programme that allow pupils to build their STEAM involvement as they move through school starting at P1 all the way up to P7. The workshops are staged so that pupils start with topics such as friction and energy moving through to harder sessions such as hydrogen fuel cells. Please get in touch to find out more.


We are delighted to have our workshops accredited as part of the CREST Award scheme by the British Science Association. Learning about “Clean or Dirty Energy” or “Exploring Hydropower” counts as one of eight activities required for the Star Award. For older pupils we offer our “Hydropower”, “Recycled Racers”, “Solar Vehicles” or “Wind Investigators” activities which count as one of eight activities required as part of the SuperStar award. Learn more about the workshops here.


The CREST Awards scheme is the British Science Association’s flagship programme for young people. It is the only nationally recognised accreditation scheme for STEM project work (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, providing science enrichment activities to inspire and engage 5-to-19-year olds.

Find out more about how you could use BGH Educational activities to gain a CREST Award here.