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October 4, 2017
Naturesave funding

We are delighted to announce Naturesave Trust funding for our education programme. They have very kindly agreed to fund new kit, which will be used in our school/college deliveries. Bright Green Hydrogen are looking to purchase K’nex kits which will be used to teach pupils about renewable energy and how it can be stored and used. The kits will be STEM based and will allow pupils to learn through hands-on experiments. K’nex have a line of educational kits which are especially designed for school use.

The Naturesave Trust was established in 1995 as the charitable arm of Naturesave Insurance. As part of Naturesave’s environmental commitment, 10% of the following insurance policies is paid directly into a trust fund, which is then used to benefit specific environmental, conservation and community renewable energy projects and charities throughout the UK:
Home Buildings, Contents & Renewable Energy Systems Insurance
Personal Annual Travel Insurance
Personal Accident & Illness insurance
Group Travel & Personal Accident / Illness insurance
Excess Buy Back insurance
Small Scale Renewable Energy Insurance
The Trust has funded hundreds of projects since it’s inception, ranging from installation of a wind turbine at a school to the conservation of water voles in Dorset. The Trust prefers to provide start-up capital to small projects to get them going, rather than to contribute to the general administration costs of a larger charity or company.

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