LCEP June Update

June 9, 2016

If you haven’t kept up with our tweets and facebook updates, a lot has been going on recently at the Bright Green Hydrogen HQ. The new electrolyser has been installed, as has the second hydrogen tank.


New electrolyser installation New hydrogen tank

Fife Renewables Innovation Centre have had their roof mounted solar panels installed.

FRIC solar 1


East Fife Football Club have had began the installation of their ground mounted solar panels, making them the first “green” football club.

East Fife FC & PV Installation (LCEP)




Our Renault Kangoo vans (hydrogen/electric) are available for lease. Here you can see one in front of Poppy the wind turbine who will be providing the electricity in conjunction with the solar panels.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


We help demonstrate the role the energy efficiency, renewables & hydrogen play in reducing the impact of climate change and securing the world's future energy supply.