Energy Enterprise Challenge

Energy Enterprise Challenge 2014

January 10, 2014


In conjunction with Fife Council’s Culture of Enterprise, we are running the very successful Energy Enterprise Challenge again this year. 18 Primary Schools from the Levenmouth area are taking part in a full day workshop to introduce them to different types of renewable energy, and to inform them what is currently happening within Fife. One of our activities is to design a jacket for an offshore wind turbine, no easy task!


Each school will be invited to send a team of pupils to the Final event on the 20th March 2014, held at the Fife Renewables Innovation Centre. Pupils will be tasked with making a business case for their jacket through designing a logo, strapline, business plan, sales pitch, and a prototype model.


If you would like to be a judge on the day, then please get in touch!


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We help demonstrate the role the energy efficiency, renewables & hydrogen play in reducing the impact of climate change and securing the world's future energy supply.