Dundee Science Festival- Ice Hunters Challenge!!

November 17, 2016

On the 5th and 6th of November, we hosted our Ice Hunter’s Challenge at Dundee Science Festival! This activity followed the theme of the weekend: Animals and the Environment. The challenge provided the opportunity to learn about food webs and competition for resources, all in the setting of the wild Arctic, which is being influenced from human activity elsewhere on Earth.


Our participants were split into two animal groups; polar bears and seals. The Polar Bears had to attempt to catch a seal. The seals had to catch as many fish as possible as they avoided being the polar bears’ next meal. In between each round, human activity would alter the amount of ice or the amount of fish swimming it in the sea, providing more complications in the animals attempt to collect their food.


The activity was a great success! Our feedback from some families said it was their favourite activity of the day. Thank you so much to our participants, to the staff at Dundee Science Centre and Dundee Science Festival for hosting us. We hope we can run this event again in the future!



ice-hunters-1 ice-hunters-2

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