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Bright Green Hydrogen worked together with Bright Green Business and the Moredun Foundation on the Science Sparks project. Initially funded by the Scottish Government, Science Sparks is a collection of FREE innovative and inspiring science education resources that have been developed in collaboration with scientists, the business community and primary school teachers.

Science Sparks topics include: biodiversity, renewables and alternative energy, climate change and health and wellbeing, and we are currently seeking funding so that we can add to these titles.

The benefits of Science Sparks are huge. Users have access to new, creative and easily accessible science education support tools, resources and project ideas which will increase teacher’s technical knowledge and confidence when delivering science in the classroom. All materials are timely, relevant, and on cutting edge scientific topics arising from research conducted in Scotland. They encourage youngsters to further study STEM subjects by allowing pupils to develop important transferable skills whilst becoming creative, imaginative and enterprising with science. All projects are flexible and can last from a few days to a whole year!

Please get in touch to request your worksheets.