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Junior Apprentice

Our Junior Apprentice Programme takes the form of a half day design school.  It introduces young people to the idea of the Circular Economy using the aims and objectives of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and our own Government, with a practical introduction to upcycling and sustainable fashion. The programme also meets with many aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence.

The Junior Apprentice design school strives to deliver a fun and interactive programme which provides young people with the experience of developing and marketing a trashion garment with items saved from landfill. Through the use of case studies from around the world, participants will see what is already being achieved in the fashion world.  The Junior Apprentice Design School also aims to develop valuable transferable skills such as creative thinking, teamwork, time management and presenting.

Community engagement has meant that resources for the design school have been collected from a number of groups in the local community.


We introduce the circular economy, upcycling and sustainable fashion, through activities and visual examples including a shake along with upcycled maracas. We also introduce the concept of the celebrity endorsement.

Students are placed into teams of five or six and plan how they are going to work on the task of creating a trashion item.

The groups have an hour to complete the task and present their item and discuss the thought process behind the chosen celebrity they would like to endorse their item.

The project has been run in 32 schools throughout Fife and has received a superb reaction from pupils and teaching staff. At present the programme is being run with P7 pupils but has the ability to be adapted to secondary students.


-          Practical experience of the circular economy

-          Understanding of reuse, recycle and repair

-          Introduction to upcycling on your doorstep

-          Small changes contribute to large outcomes

-          Setting a challenge for the future

This workshop is run in conjunction with our sister company Bright Green Business.