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The Energy Enterprise Challenge is a workshop for P7 pupils, designed to inform and educate on the topic of renewable energy. Pupils investigate wind power, solar power and hydrogen fuel cells through interactive hands-on sessions, with staff on hand to answer any questions. Once we have investigated the different types of renewable energy, pupils are then challenged to design a “jacket” for a wind turbine to sit on when out at sea. This task is done individually at first, with pupils then forming teams and negotiating to make a team “jacket” design. The team design must incorporate at least one part from each pupils individual design. Each class participating in the school challenge is invited to send a group of 4 pupils to a “Finals” event where they compete against other schools in the area. Tasks include writing a business plan for the “jacket” design, costing and buying resources, then building the final “Jacket” from items such as pipe cleaners, lolly pop sticks, cardboard and much more. Will your school be crowned the Energy Enterprise Challenge Winners 2016?