Renewable Energy

Give your pupils the opportunity to find out about the different types of renewable energy, through hands-on interactive experiments. Make your own wind turbine and investigate blade shape/size and gearing systems, and how this impacts upon the amount of electricity produced. How does solar power work? How can this electricity be stored?


Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Create your own hydrogen gas using renewable energy, store it, and then use it to power a vehicle! Use our H2 Racer kits or be brave and make your own vehicle. How fast will yours go? and how far will it travel on a tank of hydrogen gas?


Solar Energy

Investigate how the amount and strength of sunlight varies according to the weather outside. Do you get different types of solar panel? What are they used for?  How do they work? What can they power? What happens at night time?


Wind Energy

In order to capture the most energy from the wind, what angle of blades and how many blades are best? Does blade size have an effect? What way do wind turbines face? Can they move? Investigate all of these questions and more through using and designing your own wind turbines.