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The Business Experience is a business start-up simulation event organised for secondary school pupils. It introduces young people to the idea of starting a business and provides them with the basic skills and knowledge required to do so. This is achieved by linking into the Standard Grade and Higher Business Management curriculum.

The Business Experience strives to deliver a fun and interactive programme which provides young people with an authentic experience of starting a business. All participants gain a balanced view of the risks, the rewards and the work involved through advice from business advisors, live case studies and practical activities. The Business Experience also aims to develop valuable skills through creative thinking, teamwork and presenting their ideas.

Students are placed into ‘Partnerships’ of five or six. Each partnership is encouraged to come up with an innovative business idea and, with expert guidance, they can prepare a business plan including: a marketing plan, advertising campaign, production plan and cash flow forecast. Once business plans and additional materials have been completed the Partners “pitch” to judges (usually Business Bank Managers) to seek funding to support their business proposal. Prizes are awarded for the best overall idea, best team work and recognition of the best radio jingle (which are recorded as part of their marketing and advertising efforts). Other activities during the event include: business quiz, several marketing and advertising exercises and a business environmental audit. This package is designed to make the overall experience engaging as well as informative.

Winning and runner up teams from all the schools go on to compete in our “Dragons Den” style Finals later in the year. The Finals Day involves the teams developing their ‘Businesses’ further and taking it to the next level, whilst competing against the other winning teams. Each team is awarded a “grant” at the outset and works throughout the morning on marketing, finance, operations and their exhibition stand. A range of experts are on hand for the teams to hire as “consultants” and the day culminates in an exhibition and the teams pitching to a panel of ‘Dragons/judges’ for fictitious investment.

We run the Business Experience In partnership with our sister company, Bright Green Business.